The 4th Lesvos Tango Vacations is coming!

3rd Lesvos Tango Vacations

Summer 2019 DJs

Summer 2019 Milongas pass

Milonga Pass (60€)


- Entrance in all milongas
- After midnight open buffet during the night milongas


Excursion to Sigri and Gavathas, land of the Petrified Forest of Lesvos

Tango Rhythm Workshop

by Natassa Rouvoli & Alekos Papadopoulos. Read more

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Summer 2019 Schedule

THURSDAY 5/9 22.00-03.00

Open air night milonga at snack bar Tsalikis
Dj Panayiotis Kamatsos

FRIDAY 6/9 17.30-19.30

Tango Rhythm workshop with Natassa Rouvoli and Alekos Papadopoulos


Open air night milonga at snack bar Tsalikis
Dj Cumhur Dilek

SATURDAY 7/8 11.00 (Departure from Molyvos)

Excursion to the west part of Lesvos island
Museum of the Petrified Forest at Sigri
Back on the bus to Gavathas


Beach Milonga at Gavathas, swim, eat and dance at the tavern "Tsolias" by the sea
Dj Iv Manos


Open air night milonga at snack bar Tsalikis
Dj Ali Kemal Ozkan

SUNDAY 8/9 12.00-16.00

Beach milonga at Petra, a beautiful village near Molyvos
Swim, eat and dance at the tavern "The Mermaid" by the sea
Dj Stergios Gkogkas


Departure from Petra to the town of Mytilene

Summer 2019 Tango Rhythm Workshop

Natassa Rouvoli - Alekos Papadopoulos

Experiencing the Tango Rhythm with percussion instruments

2hrs Workshop

1) Experiencing approach with percussion instruments, understanding of the rhythmic-motif values we use in tango, and analyzing them in the musical phrase.
2) Placing the above patterns in specific steps and applying them to dancing.

3nd Lesvos Tango Vacations - September 2019

2nd Lesvos Tango Vacations - August 2018

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